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Free to own Grace

29 Jan

Yoga for Life:
“My favorite definition of spiritual & emotional maturity:
‘Being able to walk into a room in full possession of yourself… to be free to own the grace and beauty only you possess.’ — from Betsey Downing

Finding my vision of my strong Self, knowing my heart, my grace, my stupendous life — it’s inside, always, providing a strong foundation in all that I do and am… Let it be. Let it Be. Letting myself Be.


All is Light

14 Jan

I am all light. My soul is all Light.
Today is a good day
I’m ready



My favorite day

10 Jan


Today’s best

10 Jan

I notice and rejoice in the goodness within all beings.
I connect to my own heart, my own vast resource of goodness and strength.
I bring the goodness of the universe down into my heart.
It expands with Evermore goodness, courage and strength.
I offer my gifts, ever better, all good
To this day, to the world, to all beings.

We are One.

Om Shanti

Making it my own

8 Jan

Every yoga pose has its own uniqueness in my body. I am like no other.

In honor of my self – every idea had its own uniqueness when I apply my own creativity. I am kind to myself and others.

My mind and body are strong and brave, creative and kind.

I can persevere to honor myself and all beings.

In beauty and strength, I greet this day.



Offering for this day

2 Jan

Giving thanks for the goodness in the universe
Let me bring it into my heart
Recognizing the goodness in my heart
Combining my own goodness with the power and light of the universe — let this goodness expand and shine ever more brightly
As I offer my gifts, my best
To all beings