Archive | February, 2016

Power restored in all

26 Feb

We have power

Electricity, cars, heat, machines to push our snow back, modern appliances to help us stay healthy and well.

But really – it’s in the rocks, the trees, our bodies, our hearts

Each other together.




25 Feb

Beautiful snow, in multitudes, came to us

I learned:

Trust in my strength

The beauty of the sun

Heartfelt gift of help from our neighbors 

Good thoughts from friends

Love all around

We are thriving



16 Feb

There’s a Dance – between time and energy, nature and Soul. Thought and listening, depth and the surface, Earth and Sky. 

Perseverance…. cultivating strength and softness can happen now 

And Now and Now. Arriving…

A Treasure Trove of contentment.

Partnering with/in Life with Gentleness for myself, everything, and Everyone – with all my Being, I am Light and Love.


Now it is

14 Feb

Radiant sun 

Streaky shadows on brilliant white snow

I sit. Watching. Blue pastel sky – my thoughts.

Of peace and happiness, strength and courage, health and safety, freedom, commitment.

All good music of life. 


My day

6 Feb

Lots of Yoga – with purpose – today. 

Where am I with all this? “Being Myself.”

My Personal Best is good enough… Sit in the space of the Teacher. The Seat. 

I’m hearing that it’s ok to spark as I will. I do. 

Ok. See me… I can see myself. I can see and be you.




6 Feb

My Purpose in Life:


Do the Job. 

Truth. Honor. Respect. Persevere. Love.



5 Feb

I wanted to see the Sun rise, to have this time for myself – it’s something about clarity for me, new beginning, a need for space and silence. 

A new, clear day is mine. 

Now – the brief, orange-gray-blue light appears. The candle flickers me into day. 

I see – really see – trees steady and sure outside my window. I see these brilliant colors in the room all around me.

Beauty is mine Once Again.