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Today’s Yoga is …

30 Dec

Cleaning the stove, the dishes, the laundry…The warmth of the water on my hands, the shine of the stove lighting my mind, texture of the cloth next to my skin.

Music of my home, my soul. Listening.

Clearing the past from my basement, giving and receiving anew.

Opening to space and time


Living Yoga Fully, Everyday

27 Dec

Yoga for Life


27 Dec

There is no place I’d rather be than home. The flickering light of candle flame — my heart at peace — the trees, pond, gardens — peaceful scene as I view this new day, our neighborhood at rest on this morning of new light. I rest by the fire. I am. Majestic. Magic.

New music. New light. Renewed. I feel my face softening, my heart ever open to becoming whole again, and again.

Shining light of this day

18 Dec

Oh the trees
Glistening snow
My mind grateful
My heart soft and true
Blooming into this day


16 Dec



I am precious just as I am
And so are you and you and you…
Sending light to all beings

Beautiful day

Perfection as is

11 Dec

I am perfect just as I am
I am perfect just as I am
I am perfect just as I am

Yes! Thank you! The vibration is good. The light is brighter. I am smiling – in mind and body..most especially, in spirit.

Satya (Commitment to Truth)

8 Dec

Authentic Conversations:
Is it true?
Is it necessary?
Is it kind?
Does it improve upon the silence?

Improves upon the silence

3 Elements of truth:
1. Telling the truth as you know it
2. Being willing to hear another’s truth as they know it
3. Understanding that many things can be true at the same time

People trusting each other
Knowledge and understanding
Connection to others
Confidence in the enterprise
Commitment to a vision

–from Yoga Wisdom at Work, 36, 37

I commit to the truth, my truth, while honoring others and the silent spaces in our lives and time.

Window into Dawn

7 Dec

Waking up — streaky sky, spark of new dawn spreading into day, drips of thought on the window

Looking into new life, the gift of beauty and light heart, new mind.


We are One

5 Dec

I recognize my connection to mySelf.
I recognize the courage in my heart.
I am gentle and kind, brave and strong.
I agree to be me 🙂

I recognize the compassion in me and offer it to all beings.



Lokah Samasta

2 Dec

Lokah Samasta
Sukhino bhavantu
Om shanti shantihi

May all beings be happy
And may my thoughts, words, and deeds contribute in some way to the happiness of all beings.