Archive | December, 2017


26 Dec

When I look through these trees I see devotion, steadiness.

The sky. The earth. My own body. Connection.

We are all intertwined in Love.


New Light

21 Dec

My panicking heartbeat can’t save the world. So I listen, say my good words, remain, say my Peace, watch the ebb – and flow – of my life.


Settle into the goodness of what is.

I can settle. And open to my strength.

And rejoice when the orange sky appears through the trees, silhouettes reaching – revealing the new goodness of this day.

It lifts me up, settles me in Light, this place, the earth. Streaky light of beauty. Rising.

The goodness that expands into my true heart – the one that remains steadfast and courageous, kind.

The one that can save the world – at least my tiny piece…. that connects to another… then another…

And reveals our truth together.

I believe in the goodness in all.

May all be at peace.

My Birthday

19 Dec

Celebrating this day! The sky, the trees, this place, all beings, Light and Love.

Deepest gratitude for all — friends, family, all the circumstances that have allowed me to be here now.

The journey continues…

May all beings be peaceful and happy,

May all beings be strong and healthy.

May all beings be safe and free from inner and outer harm.

May all beings live in joy and ease.


Everywhere Amazing

1 Dec

Everywhere I look – my window to the sky – is inspiring, true, amazement. Receiving all love from the universe.