Archive | December, 2016

Writing on Peace

28 Dec

The sticks reveal warmth. The angel soars high above. Chickadees ride the current of breezy sky. 

Light reveals streaks of sweetness engulfing winter with love. 


Cultivating Optimism

28 Dec

Into the new light of day – flickering into sparkle, new dawn.

As fog (my worried mind) lifts, floats, reveals clarity. Hope coming through the forest. Faith through the deep black night into a streaky sky.

Of beauty. 

A clear Time

15 Dec

Dancing reflection of true light And the rebirth of the clear sky

Enchanted colors.

Settled snow, roots of the grass resting below, gaining energy for future beauty.

A gift in this season of stillness: Calm of our neighborhood and in All.


Better is good.

Step by step – a practice for opening into grace – elegance.

No screens – This is Truth.

The angels come: Abiding Reality reveals.

A candle burns.

My heart rings sweet.