Archive | March, 2017

Safe Pure

16 Mar

Safe place in my body

Pure Light in my soul.

Deep Gratitude 

Wide Sky.



13 Mar

The moon and sky – I have enough.

The grasses and trees – I have enough.

All the world, a window to the universe, strength of my ancestors, courage to be me, this place – my comfortable heart, open and free. Enough.


12 Mar

Sky…Earth…envy…acceptance. I have Enough. Always.

Love Transcending, Light. Streaky Goodness, full-on Beauty in the dawn. Branches, sticks, grasses, Birds. Heartsong.

In Flight – my mind. To watch and wonder. Up and Beyond. 

And then Settling – comfortably. Into this peachy, cyanic Sky. My good day. 

Deep and Wide

8 Mar

I reach into the depths and pull out my soul – the reveal.

A settling.

What needs my attention? Love, Kindness? But most of all Courage to be myself.

No envy. No strife. No politics. No wondering, No living up to my ancestors’ vision for me. I already did that. I’ve absorbed the best in my Becoming…

I can become me. Pulling, yanking, softening, moving, arriving to Now.

This Time is Mine. I am Enough. The sky is Wide and blue. The Clouds are wispy breezy fine streaks floating into the distance. The wind is strong and true. The Ground is drifting into Spring. New Life has blossomed. 

Within and Without. Clear and Settled into vastness. Clarity to Strength. 

I will always have enough. I’ve already reached the heights. I’ve already swum down into the depths. I’ve already floated on my back to Living. My belly is sure. My heart shines into my Truth.

Now I’m ready to accept the easiness, the new colors, streaks of shadow with the sunlight. 


3 Mar

I get more courageous 

When I move with awareness – and breathe into the new/renewed space in my body.

My mind knows. All of nature knows the depth of the ocean is in me. I am strong and sure that this is my time, I own me.

And I own the sky, the wide depth of being, sparkling sunburst in my being, in the heart of me. Truth and honor. Kindness and thoughtfulness – elegance. 

And I give it all to this day.