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Honoring nature & life

23 Oct

Celebrating a beautiful Fall day here in Michigan!

Asking all my family, friends, and acquaintances to head out into nature, in honor of my Dad, who’s been in Hospice care the past few weeks. Enjoy a walk in the woods, sit in the park and admire the scene before you, have a great lunch on the patio.

He would love that.

Namaste and all my thanks



The field of the beyond

23 Oct

There’s a field across the road
I’ll meet you there
We’ll sit together
And melt
Into the beyond


Surfing through a Life

21 Oct

The paper says “Dementia”
I’m learning, though
Dad’s life:
The old farm
“I’d like to see your mother”
“Did you see Mom?”
“I’d like to see my mother”
Aunt Ruth
“Don’t want to go back into the service”
…was sleeping on the floor of a restaurant …
“I’d like to see my father”
I just want us to all have a nice lunch together
“Hello young son”
When’s breakfast? Are you going to pick me up for the football game?
“If we could just get a little rain…?
Pender first
Then Niles
“You’ve become a nice-looking girl”
“You’re a beautiful girl”
He looked straight at me.
Oh, Dad
Peace be with you
May you be happy
It’s an honor to be your daughter


Casting a wider net of love

16 Oct

Sacred time
A treasure of now
Cherishing what’s done
Complete life
And his
We treasure each other
As is
And give thanks for all
Honored and blessed space
To sink into the warmth of family
The best


Gratitude for now

12 Oct

I am grateful for
These cool morning temps as I sit
Admiring the sky
Mist on the mountains
Call of the birds
Life in the distance
Sounds anew
My dad so determined
Content to sing
My strength
All around
Stillness to a deeper breath
Daily routine
Ritual of life
Music – the fine notes of now


Bringing it

11 Oct

Drought here in Southern California – so I brought the rain as best I could

Joy and peace to all



11 Oct

I didn’t know he was fading…as is my dad, he kept it to himself – just telling me he felt slower.

Across the miles – California to Michigan – connection, but independence – a necessity, still planning trips, yet realizing the need to stay home.

I’m grateful for his logic, but I know now he doesn’t know he’s dying (aren’t we all?). That’s ok. I’m here now.

Bip, bip, bip….skoal

And so a new day comes on. The neighborhood awakes. Sun shines. Birds sing and play.

Let it be.


The Perennial Philosophy

9 Oct

1- there is an infinite, changeless reality beneath the world of change
2- this same reality lies at the core of every human personality
3- the purpose of life is to discover this reality experientially: that is, to realize God while here on earth

Learning patience, persevering, in this path of now, now, now…

What can I do for my dad now? No guff! & honor my own needs as well? I want to read this to him, probably won’t get the chance or have the courage to… What’s my reality, deep inside? What’s his?

And the light of this day begins, and expands to goodness…quiet and true – all mine for now.