Archive | February, 2015

Radiance of this day

20 Feb

My life is full of radiance and goodness
Thank you for this day

Shimmering burst of the sun
Clear light
Crystalline time

Shifting sky
Fire of now
Cradle of time


I have enough

10 Feb

Admittedly – I’m a little bit afraid now and then, a worry time in the night.
But I see the sunrise and know
It’s time
The goodness arrives…

Again and again
I have enough

A million thanks
For the touch of the sun – bright, shiny
And the sight of a clear blue sky
Mountains and trees
Water, fishes, gentleness
Our gardens, the breeze
Bird song
All of nature
Steadfast strength of the Self


Glorious friends
Beautiful family – we are all one
Kind thought. Kind deed.
In health and awe
Of this time