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Spring soon

24 Feb



Savoring Now

24 Feb

I am grateful for this music
This chair
My reading
True sound
Notes of sweetness

Jumping in

19 Feb

I jump into the fire
Of today
of now
Taking a breath
One step closer
To transforming
The heat to lavender
To peace
My own time
My way

Finding my way

17 Feb

In the darkness, I find light
Light of now
Scattered thoughts
Reality in the silence
Into daylight
Fire and Dawn
Heat and now
Foundation of Soul


Blinking Star of the morning

13 Feb

My practice connects to a star in this darkness
Of morning
Of night
In between
Stillness of the day
This time is mine


Sacrificing my Soul

9 Feb

As I grapple with the term “work” – what does it mean? I think about my dad, the last 10 years of his work life a struggle to survive, in a way, I think… Fighting for survival, while shining on to do his best as an educator.

Now I, too, can say I’m an Educator & lovin’ it. Teaching Yoga is my heart. Teaching is my soul.

But the money comes to me as an Administrator – “Project Manager.”

Is the money worth the heartache? Can I retire? Maybe

But I will not sacrifice my soul