Archive | November, 2013

New Dawn

27 Nov

For all my fears, worries, apprehension — beneath it all is a strong foundation of wonder, curiosity, courage and strength. This is a beautiful day.

Connection . Courage . Compassion

26 Nov

As I look into this new day, I see brightness of spirit, great possibilities, and the spark of loving light in all beings. With love ….

The flame of life

22 Nov

I light a candle on this dark morning–a single focus, this light of now. I can see the universe in this light. All my goodness in the glory of now.



Dawning into Wonder

20 Nov

I see the new day dawning. Colors of wonder through the trees as I look to the east. My life is good now, amazing possibilities ahead as I enjoy this moment, this gift of time and space now. All is well – a beautiful tune.

Standing Strong

18 Nov

Standing in my power today, recognizing my strength and courage.

I am strong
I am willing to be creative
I am willing to be Me


13 Nov

Namaste = “My soul recognizes and bows to the divinity of yours.”

… It is important to remember that you are appealing to a power deep within you, not to anyone outside.–Eknath Easwaran, founder of the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation, California


Recognizing the Sunrise

13 Nov

Beautiful colors of light and dark — looking into this day… I am ready to step into the fire and water of now.

Frost on the grass, wisps of trees. –abstract of time, place. We are still growing.


My wish for today

12 Nov

I see the true flame of goodness, warmth, and cozy truth. I am good. I know all around me is good. And through it all, my strength will sustain. It’s time…

Beginner’s Mind

11 Nov

Yoga has less to do with what you can do with your body or with being able to still your mind than it has to do with the happiness that unfolds from realizing your full potential.–Rod Stryker

I am ready for this day!

11 Nov

I intend to come to this day with full attention to myself, without judgement while honoring others as well. With honesty and compassion, assertiveness and gentleness I am here now.