Archive | November, 2013

New Dawn

27 Nov

For all my fears, worries, apprehension — beneath it all is a strong foundation of wonder, curiosity, courage and strength. This is a beautiful day.

Connection . Courage . Compassion

26 Nov

As I look into this new day, I see brightness of spirit, great possibilities, and the spark of loving light in all beings. With love ….

The flame of life

22 Nov

I light a candle on this dark morning–a single focus, this light of now. I can see the universe in this light. All my goodness in the glory of now.


Dawning into Wonder

20 Nov

I see the new day dawning. Colors of wonder through the trees as I look to the east. My life is good now, amazing possibilities ahead as I enjoy this moment, this gift of time and space now. All is well – a beautiful tune.

Standing Strong

18 Nov

Standing in my power today, recognizing my strength and courage.

I am strong
I am willing to be creative
I am willing to be Me


13 Nov

Namaste = “My soul recognizes and bows to the divinity of yours.”

… It is important to remember that you are appealing to a power deep within you, not to anyone outside.–Eknath Easwaran, founder of the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation, California


Recognizing the Sunrise

13 Nov

Beautiful colors of light and dark — looking into this day… I am ready to step into the fire and water of now.

Frost on the grass, wisps of trees. –abstract of time, place. We are still growing.