I believe that Yoga is:
“Being able to walk into a room in full possession of yourself…to be free to own the grace and beauty only you possess”

These pages contain my thoughts cultivated from almost 30 years of studying and teaching yoga. I still grapple with how to live fully in our day-to-day world, at work and at play, while doing my best to shine from that spark of light in my heart and being my best, strong Self. May you find a bit of inspiration in these pages.

About Ann:
An educator since 1989 and having taught yoga classes and workshops for the past 15 years, Ann Lapo is passionate about helping students find the beauty and grace of yoga. She believes in honoring the uniqueness of each individual and the integration of yoga into our daily lives–whether through poses, breathing awareness practices, philosophy, meditation, poetry, or music. Ann incorporates all aspects of yoga into her teachings. Her main influences include Roger Eischens, Betsey Downing, Swami Rama, BKS Iyengar.



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