Archive | November, 2017

So much Goodness

20 Nov

In the afterglow – ever still – I know Peace


Closer to the surf – rising, washing into shore, settling into new sand castles of richness.

Song of my heart. Clarity of Life.

I rediscover the place of my youth, but it’s different now – so much goodness in the majesty of the dune – strength, courage, shifting change, letting it be.

Total Love

Of the land and sea

And of me.

Center of the earth,

Reach of the Sky.

Purity of all this Amazement before me, beyond me. Inside me.


Retreat notes

17 Nov

The sea is calm now

As am I.

The breeze plays with the leaves, final cascade of letting go. I watch the grace before me.

Then I come back – confirming my own grace of being.

Yes. I’m me once again.

The path to the beach glows orange. Trees reveal new light of this day.

Yes. I can do this now… whole-ly being myself.

Thankful. Powerful. Settled. With my own glow. Of my life. In my life.

Dancing, swaying, flitting, laughing!

Into now

Always now

Now it begins


And again

And again.

We came together

And cast our hearts in circle

More powerful now.