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Yoga Together

18 Jun

I treasure our connection through and in Yoga – uniting, gathering, melting, combining – our goodness, kindness, strength, and courage into a bigger opportunity for goodness, kindness, strength…

That’s what it is, for me:

  • A kind thought and smile – for myself, my husband, friend, biz colleague, cashier at the grocery…to all. 
  • It starts “small” – “local”
  • Grows to vastness 

I want beauty for all, Freedom from inner and outer harm.

Joy and Peace. Honor. Namaste…



To me, Gentle yoga is…

16 Jun

Time to honor body and mind. Revealing the abiding, genuine truth in all of us: compassion, strength, kindness. 

A new opportunity to begin your day in a beautiful way. 

a “Soul” Flow of poses with deep breathing awareness specifically designed to promote calm and ease. 

Visualization  techniques to bring tranquility to mind and body.  

Deep listening to the self so that we may listen more deeply to all. 

Sweetness of Life. Clarity of Being. 


Up North, Michigan

16 Jun

Tension draining away 

To form clarity – like the stillness of this lake before me. 

In front of time. Clear glass. Warmth. Goodness of Being. 

A shift in energy much needed. And I sit – in much gratitude – life revealed. Grace. Wonder. Majesty. Magic. The Song of Earth and Sky. 

Now all I have to do is Listen. And See.