Surfing through a Life

21 Oct

The paper says “Dementia”
I’m learning, though
Dad’s life:
The old farm
“I’d like to see your mother”
“Did you see Mom?”
“I’d like to see my mother”
Aunt Ruth
“Don’t want to go back into the service”
…was sleeping on the floor of a restaurant …
“I’d like to see my father”
I just want us to all have a nice lunch together
“Hello young son”
When’s breakfast? Are you going to pick me up for the football game?
“If we could just get a little rain…?
Pender first
Then Niles
“You’ve become a nice-looking girl”
“You’re a beautiful girl”
He looked straight at me.
Oh, Dad
Peace be with you
May you be happy
It’s an honor to be your daughter



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