3 Apr

Sunrise…sparkling new-ness

Dawn of happiness–again: grace of daylight. Sky, ground, softness, courage, chance of delight.



So we Begin

17 Dec

Again – new.

The Radiance of Goodness

4 Dec

When I become:

Peaceful, settled, here —

I can see, feel, know: the beauty all around me is all in me. It’s all radiant Light and Love.


17 Nov

When I am still, I create beauty:

Connection, redemption, life, settling, fire/water/air.

And the sunshine of one-ness:

With it all: All love…

Greeting My World

13 Aug

Greeting this day: the sounds…traffic, crickets, bird-chirp, waterfall, buzz of the hummingbird’s wings. I close my eyes and can see the brightness, newness: settled on this sacred ground of mine.

Retreat: to marvel at the harmony of it all.

And give thanks.

Awakening Spring in All

13 Apr

Walking the trail, birdsong.

Peepers! Road crews fixing our streets, the yard becomes

Green, aglow.

My heart sings with gratitude: thankful for the peacefulness of Winter. Thankful for the lift of Spring.

Spring Anew

4 Apr

Flowers will bloom again in the Spring