So much Goodness

20 Nov

In the afterglow – ever still – I know Peace


Closer to the surf – rising, washing into shore, settling into new sand castles of richness.

Song of my heart. Clarity of Life.

I rediscover the place of my youth, but it’s different now – so much goodness in the majesty of the dune – strength, courage, shifting change, letting it be.

Total Love

Of the land and sea

And of me.

Center of the earth,

Reach of the Sky.

Purity of all this Amazement before me, beyond me. Inside me.

Retreat notes

17 Nov

The sea is calm now

As am I.

The breeze plays with the leaves, final cascade of letting go. I watch the grace before me.

Then I come back – confirming my own grace of being.

Yes. I’m me once again.

The path to the beach glows orange. Trees reveal new light of this day.

Yes. I can do this now… whole-ly being myself.

Thankful. Powerful. Settled. With my own glow. Of my life. In my life.

Dancing, swaying, flitting, laughing!

Into now

Always now

Now it begins


And again

And again.

We came together

And cast our hearts in circle

More powerful now.

Reveal the day

9 Sep

From the mist
Tops of trees, line of color, gold to green, blue to pink, to…
Change emerging
Bigger from the sky, the ground.
My foundation of being.
Light and Love.

Poem at 77%

16 Jun

They splash into the sky – tops of trees, green to blue to white – to misty wonder.
An abstract within reality.
Emergence of light.
Becoming Water.
Back home to air and earth.

Circle of transition, revealing:

There are no loud politics out here in this place, only the vibration of preciousness. Cascading sound is sweet symphony to the coming day.

There is no need.

We are together, surviving to thrive. Good in all- death, life, darkness, light, earth, sky, middleground, heart-center, depth of roots digging down to the center, then heart rising to touch heaven.


I see the trees splash upward again. Awake. To now. No hurry, but determined. The persistence of always.

Sun shines. I lift up.


Right Here Now

14 Apr

The water is higher than past times

Here – a favorite spot – place, time, sky, voices of celebration. 

Relaxed anew. All mine.

Subtle waves churn. I watch, immerse in my corner of this place, in this corner of my mind. Freedom.

Imagining faces in the clouds, streaks of attitude, personalities. 

The waves roll up to me. Beach grass signals the wind. 

I watch. Rapture. 

A spot of Wonder

13 Apr

A mossy, grassy, deep green carpet of the field. Awakening dawn. Chirping, singing lightness of birds play near and far. New Spring morning symphony. 

Majesty in the trees, the sky, the chimes in the breeze.

For all we are is goodness. 


Safe Pure

16 Mar

Safe place in my body

Pure Light in my soul.

Deep Gratitude 

Wide Sky.


13 Mar

The moon and sky – I have enough.

The grasses and trees – I have enough.

All the world, a window to the universe, strength of my ancestors, courage to be me, this place – my comfortable heart, open and free. Enough.


12 Mar

Sky…Earth…envy…acceptance. I have Enough. Always.

Love Transcending, Light. Streaky Goodness, full-on Beauty in the dawn. Branches, sticks, grasses, Birds. Heartsong.

In Flight – my mind. To watch and wonder. Up and Beyond. 

And then Settling – comfortably. Into this peachy, cyanic Sky. My good day. 

Deep and Wide

8 Mar

I reach into the depths and pull out my soul – the reveal.

A settling.

What needs my attention? Love, Kindness? But most of all Courage to be myself.

No envy. No strife. No politics. No wondering, No living up to my ancestors’ vision for me. I already did that. I’ve absorbed the best in my Becoming…

I can become me. Pulling, yanking, softening, moving, arriving to Now.

This Time is Mine. I am Enough. The sky is Wide and blue. The Clouds are wispy breezy fine streaks floating into the distance. The wind is strong and true. The Ground is drifting into Spring. New Life has blossomed. 

Within and Without. Clear and Settled into vastness. Clarity to Strength. 

I will always have enough. I’ve already reached the heights. I’ve already swum down into the depths. I’ve already floated on my back to Living. My belly is sure. My heart shines into my Truth.

Now I’m ready to accept the easiness, the new colors, streaks of shadow with the sunlight.