Peace today

12 Jan

I light the candle

I pray for peace

I watch the wind take snow into the field, birds fly in/out, trees – stark, steadfast – full of sacredness. Sky revealing new light into this day.

I send out another thought: May we be peaceful and happy, from stillness know joy, dive deeper into kindness, grace.

I want to see the kindness. I want to meet you in kindness. I want to listen, be listened to….Ok – step-by-step to goodness. Optimistic. My heart settles. I recognize true white Light.

It all reveals – the resilience of the Self. Truth in gentleness. Strength, clarity in simplicity. Snowfall into purity. Resilience in unbreakable integrity. My voice, the song, the truth in silence between the notes. The tone of freedom.

The candle burns anew. Flame to true light:

In me. In you. Burst of beauty, settled song

Of life. Om Shanti: May all be at peace.


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