I walk into the Sky

27 Nov

I walk into the sky

A man behind glass is sent to clear the fields.

A rolling sea, waves of wheat, crystalline perseverance.

While a

Splash of trees line the horizon, strong but ever-changing. They are the true leaders.

The clear sky beside

The clear window of my mind.

Canada geese fly
And they lift me up to join them.

We fly – the wind sparking conversation

Voices of wisdom


Flight – soaring beyond.

Can I fly on with you?

Or is the earth my home –

Deep and wide 

Or in-between – gently hovering, one toe touching solidness. Assured in this space.
So I settle.

Stand, then walk, in my power.

Revealing Grace. Steadfast and True. 

Myself. New. Yet ancient as the smooth stone of Monuments. 

As I walk and walk and walk

Into goodness and gratitude 

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